Explain why iOS is stale?

I don't get it. Sure, I handle the occasional iPad or iPhone, but it isn't the same as using iOS daily. Many people say it's boring, but I've never seen any explanations why.

Is it because...

... there are no revolutionary advancements left? In the early days, the iPhone was revolutionary. It had a touchscreen. It had a desktop-class browser. It was easy to use. It was... a great many other things as listed by Steve Jobs. And for the next few years, it was still revolutionary.

... all the major needs have been met? Cut and paste used to merit a biiiiiig announcement. It was almost newsworthy by itself.

... the visual theme hasn't changed much?
On desktop operating systems, most people just change the wallpaper(s), or shuffle the icons. That can be done on iOS. Some people throw on a new theme if they're really into customization. This requires a jailbreak, but people do that too.

... you feel like you're using iOS to the fullest, and want to do more? There's jailbreaking, but I guess not everyone wants to do that.

... there isn't much of the OS to explore, besides the grid of apps and a few settings? Can an OS feel claustrophobic? I don't know.

... everyone has an i-Something, and you want to be unique? No two flavours of Android are quite the same, and there are other, more unusual mobile OSes... (ok, so I'm a WP user)



Suggestions so far:

  • iOS needs an aesthetic makeover
  • iOS needs features similar to those in other operating systems
  • iOS needs updates to solve small irritations, like multitasking
  • it's not stale, this is a fad/meme/popular opinion
  • the users are bored, but the OS is not boring
  • too much hype building over a year, only to be let down by the next update
  • people want to be wowed by their smartphone, like when it was still a new thing
  • iOS is too simple or too conservative