The Sony Xperia ZL should really be getting more attention.

So I'm sitting here going through the Verge CES shows/podcasts that I missed, and now I'm on the CES edition of the Verge Mobile Show. At one point they're talking about there's nothing special about making a big phone with a 5-inch, 1080p display (which I mostly agree with), and how it's easy to just make a big phone rather than engineering incredible hardware to fit in a small package like Apple does with the iPhone (which I also agree with).

They talk about the Xperia Z which has great design and aesthetics, which is very true, but I didn't hear a word about the engineering feat Sony accomplished with the ZL. The ZL has a 5-inch, 1080p display wrapped in a package about the same size as (if not smaller than) phones with smaller displays, like the One X, Nexus 4, and GSIII. The bezel is the smallest I've seen on any phone, and the screen to border ratio is something like 75%, which is higher than any other phone ever. It also has the same attention to detail and great design aesthetics as the Xperia Z.

Basically, it's an amazing bit of engineering Sony pulled off, and I honestly think it should have been their flagship instead of the Xperia Z. However, I don't think that's an excuse for everyone to just gloss over it, even if it's not Sony's main push. By the way, this is not just directed at The Verge; I'm not seeing much about this phone anywhere.

Plus, it has a dedicated camera button. Can't go wrong with that.

But seriously, look at dat bezel: