My guess? Surface Pro is in Tom Warren's hands.... a week and a half from release.

Hear me out...

About a week ago the Microsoft Surface Pro made headlines from Microsoft's secret showing at CES. The Verge's Tom Warren was chosen by Microsoft to receive some hands-on time with the tablet. In the article, he said he had not handled the unit previously, but awaited an official 'take home test' with the product.

Five days ago, Tom Warren published an article saying that Microsoft's future will lie in the Surface line of products - pretty positive outlook on the product if I do say so myself. The important thing here is that he was still talking about the Surface - something he probably couldn't do if he had signed the non-disclosure agreement.

Two days ago, Panos Panay posted that he was on his way to officially review production models of the Surface tablet. Pretty much every web site and their dog covered it, but The Verge did not.

My conclusion: the same 'techies' chosen at CES were chosen to review the Surface Pro pre-release. (See comments at: They were probably informed that production models were coming off the line on Tuesday and they would receive their test units shortly thereafter. Taking an obvious non-disclosure agreement into account, they were obligated to remain silent about the release date or production status of the surface.

For your reference: Tom's recent posts

So, in short this may just be an elaborate ploy: If Tom Warren ignores this post, I may be right and the Surface Pro release is about a week and a half away. If he does respond.... I may just have more time to sit around impatiently creating speculative posts about nothing. Maybe I'll write something about how the whole Apple falling from the Microsoft tree was a secret ploy by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to take over the entire world together... Did the partnership ever really end????