Idea: PhoneSwitcher

Hi. First of all I want to tell you that I'm not a designer. I'm only an Apple fan and I want to share my idea with you. Please comment below. All comments are wellcomed. (PS. Sorry for my english. I'm not a native speaker)

Smartphones are getting smarter but they are forgetting their root. They are phone. It's getting harder and harder to call someone with them. So I came up with this idea. I cal it PhoneSwitcher. it's actually the same app switcher that we use but with extra phone menu. When you activate it from Home Screen or inside an App this will come up.


this is the standart app swither with recent apps. The magic is when you touch the "Phone" button there.


At the bottom, Apps are changed into favorite contacts at and the dead space at the top of the screen goes and a dialer pad shows. And of course status bar comes back because we need to see the signal. If you tap the Contacts button (Left side of the call button) it will take you to the list of all contacts.


when you tap one of your favorites, this menu comes up. From here, you can Call, Send Message, FaceTime, Email, Send a Tweet and Send Facebook Message. (I'm not sure about Twitter and Facebook but it's there anyway :) )

But wait there is more. iOS have lock screen that we all love (or hate). At launch of iOS5 apple introduced fast access to camera from lock screen. But it's not the grabber that it's present today. It was a button which was activated with lock screen music controls. From this idea I came up with this. When you activate the music controls (double tap home button) the camera grabber will change into phone grabber. That way you can directly go to phone favorites. (it can be turned off at pascode lock settings)


so what do you think?