Nokia Next

Hoping for some help from the Tribe. I've been a Windows Phone fan since launch. I went out and got the Samsung Focus with a 2 year contract. I was set to upgrade to the 920 last fall, but a few things held me back: holiday season approaching, bugs, many devs weren't ready to roll out a WP8 version app, etc. The "thickness" and "weight" issue wasn't ever really a concern.

A few months later with the holidays past, bugs squashed, and more devs upgrading for WP8 I'm trying to decide what to do. I still have the Focus and, lately, have been appreciating the lightness (if not the cheap hardware) in day to day use. To further complicate things my wife, who also had the Focus, was forced to "upgrade" (faulty hardware) to a Focus Flash - which she hates.

We're both ready to move to WP8, but I'm wondering if it would make more sense to wait. So far, with limited data at hand, Nokia seems to be on a 1 flagship per year cycle, with a flagship refresh around April. Will April bring new hardware, or just a refresh to the 920? Am I stuck waiting until fall for a new hardware design? Will Nokia be forced into a more substantial refresh since using the general design of the 800 since fall 2011?

I've kept my eyes open for any news, but there is always the chance I've missed something...

Any advice you can offer would be most appreciated.