Android the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good: I love the customization of Android from the widgets to the notifications. I like having a decent selection of phones from different manufactures to select from. I like the fact that Google keeps pushing the envelope with their OS and doesn’t remain stagnant like iOS. I have much more confidence in Google staying relevant with their hardware and software than I do Apple

The Bad: The lag when launching apps and swiping within these apps. The lag when just navigating in general whether I’m looking for an app on my phone or in Google Play. The battery drain seems to have gotten worse since the update to ICS along with the lag time. Grant it notifications and display settings need to set to optimal to keep from draining the battery but I’m talking about not being able to get 8 hours with just minimal use.

Although there is a good selection of apps. the quality of these same apps on the iPhone are more refine in terms of the UI and occasionally have more features.

The Ugly: Apparently, you must root your phone and tweak it to get rid of the lag and extend the battery (so I’m told). The average user isn’t going to do root their phone nor should they have to. Google needs to find some way to optimize Android in such a way were there’s little or no lag and increased battery life.