Prove me wrong about the Surface Pro, Tribe:

To me, it’s an ultra-portable desktop. You can’t argue it isn't more portable than an ultra-book… volumetrically it absolutely is. But there are better tablets (battery life, size, and weight), and there are better ultra-books (full-size keyboard with large touch-pad)… so why get this unless I plan to use it as a desktop and need to be super mobile with it?

It's not even running Haswell... just some throttled version of Ivy Bridge.

But convince me please... I would love to take notes on it, and have my desktop everywhere with me... I just think it's missing a couple things to make it an epic tablet as well (active sleep states for instance).

I wish the rumoured 15.6" Haswell Surface laptop I'm guessing were here already :

It's effing gorgeous: