'What You Missed' : An OS X Concept (Updated x2)

Every time I leave my computer I put it to sleep, but when I turn it back on I wish I could immediately see what alerts I've missed while I was gone, so I came up with this little concept to show how something like that could work.


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And just to add, in theory this would not show ALL your notifications, just ones from the most important apps as designated by the user.

So what do you guys think?


So I've taken some new ideas and put them together in a 'v2' concept


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Here, your notifications are collapsed, just pull for an expanded view.


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This is what all your notifications will look like when you pull on the tab

Also, I'm currently working on a lockscreen type for those who do not require a password after sleep.

For those who do not use a password after the computer wakes up, here is your solution! Either click the lock, one of the notifications or ⌘U (just an idea)


via farm9.staticflickr.com