Why I won`t get an Android Phone, even if I like it

The 2013 High-end Android Smartphones all seem to get 5" displays. While I`m sure, the Full HD resolution looks absolutely gorgeous on this size, I just can`t stand the motto "Bigger is better".

Currently I`m using an IPhone 5, coming from a XPeria S and I gotta say, that for me, even if I got pretty big hands, the 4" display is just perfect. 4.3" on the XPeria S were also ok, but I think the slightly smaller screen fits even better.

Samsung tried it with the SIII Mini, but seriously... the specs are just poor, compared to the regular sized SIII. Even if it had the specs, after the XPeria S, I won`t get a non Nexus device again. It is just annoying, if you want to have the latest software, but the OEMs need over half a year to deliver updates. Even the just announced XPeria Z will ship with 4.1! They can not be serious about that.

As soon as Google decides to build a High-end Nexus Phone, with a 3.9" to 4.3" screen,I will ditch my current phone and jump on the Android train again.

So guys, what is your opinion on this? Do you all like the fact, that phones are just getting taller and taller? Or are they some people out there, who would also like to see a regular-sized High-end Android Smartphone?