A non-tech oriented friends opinion of Windows Phone & how he came about to owning one.

All my friends are non technology oriented guys, they love to use technology for social aspects of their lives and phones being the lead of that. But they only care about which is the most current and best phone on the market in terms of the "cool factor". That being said they are all Android oriented and no matter what anyone (mainly me) tells them that is not going to change.

So to get to the point where one of my now best friends came to owning a Lumia 920 from being such a die hard fan of the original Galaxy Note, which he loved to the point of constantly talking it up to everyone that would listen to him and belittling every other persons phones literally and figuratively i guess. One drunken night, the inevitable happened and while still being protected in a case, the phone fell to its doom and shattered the massive screen to the point of the screen blanking out forever.

Being after Christmas, money was a little tight for him and he needed the cheapest phone that he could get this hands on and was available, he wanted to try out a Blackberry 9900 and even as i explained to him that he will hate it and he should go with a Lumia 920 which is not only cheaper but all around a better product than most phones on the market for the price point and sometimes better than phones which are currently offered for a greater cost. He would not listen, he looked down on Windows Phone as if it was a diseased animal. After much pleading i gave up and left him to learn for himself.

So a week roles on by and i get a text from him saying he had to get rid of the Blackberry as he couldn't do anything he wanted to on it and using it was to put it bluntly "Sh*t" and he gave in and got a Black Lumia 920. The next time i saw him he had received his wireless charging plate and was slowly showing signs of being enthusiastic towards the Lumia especially because of the wireless charging as now he states, its just too handy of a feature and couldn't think of going back to plugging in his phone. However he stated the Facebook app was really bugging him as he was so used to the android version, i told him to stick with it and play around, get use to it.

Now another week has gone by and just yesterday we went for a drink together after work, he told me that he absolutely loves his Lumia to the point where he thanked me for recommending it to him, he loves everything from the ESPN app to the browser, the camera, the feel of the OS etc. I would never of thought that i would be able to change his mindset of android being the best to him being that loving of Windows Phone. He spoke about it with such passion and this coming from person that doesn't care of technology company's or eco-systems wars etc.

Lumia 920 is a great product, the apps are getting better, both the quantity and quality. He has no complaints of missing any major apps and he even says the apps are better usability than the previous android versions he used.

Just wanted to share my story and see if anyone else had similar situations with WP's. Maybe more phones need to shatter to get Windows Phone the attention it needs to convert people off the big two OS's and actually give WP a chance.