iOS app redesign

Hi, this is my 1st post, Ive been reading The Verge since it was Engadget :p /This is my next... and listen to the podcasts every week. I pretty much can't get enough of The Verge, I have a tab dedicated to just keeping up to date.

I am a designer based in Liverpool, UK and although I prefer minimalism in design I love the consistency from web to mobile, and the little effects like the rotating Verge symbol in the header. However, I never open the iOS App; firstly, I think that the design really lets The Verge down, comparing it to either the web version, or the Android version; both of which look far superior to the iOS version.

I have developed a few iOS apps in the past, and this app looks like a HTML5 web app (which begs the question why have it at all), it misses so many opportunities to look consistent and beautiful. Small examples such as the 'Pull Down to Refresh' (Below) which looks really odd, partly due to the fact that the arrow doesn't rotate around the centre, but also because the black background suddenly disappears.


This is just one example of many holes in the UX and UI of The Verge iOS app. So today I set some time aside to redesign the app, I had a couple of attempts and although they looked sharp, flat and current, they didn't feel consistent with the current The Verge design language.

Below represents one of my favourite versions, which I would see be used for iOS, Android and web. You can make simple HTML5 apps on iOS and Android extremely compelling, they just need to be given more care and attention then the current app.