Windows 8 Pro on a Mac.

According to this post on the Tribe, the physical Windows 8 upgrade package actually is a full-blown installer and not just an upgrade pack. The OP’s father installed it clean on his computer with no problem.

Can something like this be done on a Mac to install Windows 8 without installing Windows 7 or an older version before that.

I’m planning on getting a MacBook Pro (13 inch; Retina if it includes some decent discrete graphics/ Haswell GT3 for cheap) for college, and since I have inherited a ton of Windows games (you wouldn't believe how many!) from a cousin, I’m planning on installing Windows 8 on it too, via BootCamp, or maybe run it via Parallels if the supposed driver problems don’t work out. I thought that only the System Builder version could do that for me, but the upgrade ones are a lot cheaper and I’d be like to get one now while the prices are low, provided it works.

Anyone tried it? Any luck?