Win 8 tablets at Retail: A quick analysis

I was checking a few Windows 8 tablets at a non-MSFT retail store. The 2 tablets on display were Acer Iconia and the Ideapad Yoga. I found some strange quirks with them.

1) The Iconia was not registering the touchscreen keyboard inputs on for some reason. If I opened Google and tried to enter a search query, the tablet simply did not register any input. It tried to do a Windows search of the query on one occasion. Anyone else noticed such an issue?

2) The Ideapad Yoga was a very good quality device. But after folding it and using only the screen as tablet, when I opened Powerpoint or Word, there was very severe lag in recording my typed inputs. I realised that was the issue some people were having with the Surface. But, what is surprising is that the Yoga uses an Intel processor. Then why it was having such performance issues on Desktop I don't know.

3) Opening the bar showing current open apps was very un-intuitive. I use Win 8 on my Laptop and hovering the mouse to the top left neatly brings up this bar. But on these tablets, i always ended up flipping through the open apps when I tried this as first. And then I realised that I need to swipe right and then back left again to open this bar without flipping between apps. But even this gesture was very difficult to master and execute. I constantly ended up switching between apps. And trying to snap 2 apps became a real pain due to this. It seemed like the device noted only the right swipe and switched apps without recognizing the immediate left swipe.

4) Swiping from top to bottom to close apps was also proving inconvenient as I had to swipe all the way down to close the app. Somehow I felt this was better using a mouse on my laptop. I love closing apps on my laptop by swiping top to halfway-bottom. Its much easier, strange as it may be.

Im starting to get the sense that atleast compared to these tablets, using Win 8 on a PC with a mouse is a much better experience. Anyone else felt the same? Or were they just faulty pieces? Or is there some issue with the touchscreens of these tablets?

Overall, I liked the design and form factor of these devices. They seemed to be good quality hardware. I'm quite confident that in a year there will be some very compelling Win 8 hardware. It definitely looks like the OEMs have some good ideas but they're execution has not been upto the mark which may again explain the lower Win 8 device sales.