New Tablet Concept OS

Tablets of our world are crippling and immobile, You have to follow what ever the tablet says, and having to charge it every day or two. So here is another one. It's still a concept, the only way you could bring it about is by carrying your computer with you, well that is not much different then now. At the moment, a tablet still lacks in many aspects of a desktop. There are ecosystems that keep you trapped in ridiculously limiting boundaries. For example, you cannot download things from the internet on an iPad, there is not a file system that supports that. They do not allow flash content, I know its slow to load, but where is my choice in this matter. When you by a tablet of today, you buy into restrictions, a.k.a "Ecosystems".

Lets say you use only your tablet, you are limited from do many things. Games like Crysis, programs like Photoshop or Pixelmator. I am not an idiot, I know tablet have a restrictions of their hardware. But why can't you computer mirror them? If you did that you could play the most graphic intensive games in the world on your tablet. If a tablet doesn't have the on board storage, have it connect to external storage. If the tablet doesn't have the computing power, mirror it.

On to the future now. Ark, ingeniously titled, tablet in what I've thought about on fixing this ironical irritation with tablets. Now of course all of this is concepts and ideas, I have no proven to solve solutions in my hat, I keep them all in my underground lavatory, that is what I meant. The Ark project will take its time to build and fund, for the most part is the collection of ideas and work to confirm it's abilities is the majority of the work. Right now, what I am working on the user interface designs of the tablet.

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