What is the best PDF/Book/Magazine Reading App for android tablets?

Having bought a nexus 7 in the first week they were available, I have grown to like how it has fit into my life. However, one thing I have yet to find a perfect solution for is reading PDF's, and ebooks. Sure there are a lot of options. But I really want the app to be able to do three things:

  1. It has to be able to view PDF's and Ebooks. There are some nice apps like Zinio out there that provide a good Magazine reading experience, but I cant use it's interface to read PDF magazines I have from elsewhere. There are fairly decent pdf readers, but they don't work for ebooks. I want something that is a one stop solution.
  2. It has to look good while doing it. When it comes to looks, the stock Google Books app is the winner hands down. But I can only read content purchased on Google Books. It needs to be tablet optimized, not some blown up phone app.
  3. It needs to have page turning animations. I dont know, but it something that slightly makes up for not holding the real book in your hand. and other forms of turning pages just feels wierd, considering that the text and graphics were made to be viewed in a spread, like real paper books and magazines.
So does anyone have a perfect app solution? I have tried too many to name. And they either are poorly designed relics from the Gingerbread phone era, or they don't check all the boxes. The ones with the best interfaces have the most restricted readable formats. Anyone come across a great looking all in one tablet reading solution?