Good-bye Windows, hello Linux !

So I've been using Windows of some sort for about 16 years. I started with Windows 95 and have been using Windows all the way up to Windows 8. One thing has been consistent throughout all my experiences, Windows just doesn't perform right. Before you point the finger at my hardware, there is nothing wrong with it at all. Every computer I've owned has been perfect for that particular Windows version.

There are 3 main things that have made me move over to Linux, Ubuntu to be precise.

  1. The future of Windows as a desktop OS is not appealing. Windows 8 proved this. Windows 8 is an extremely schizophrenic OS. You are constantly pushed between Metro and Desktop. This really doesn't make for a good experience. The new apps in the Windows store are designed for touch, despite Microsoft reiterating that Windows 8 gives consumers a 'no compromise experience'. If I was staying with Windows, I'd definitely be sticking with Windows 7.

  2. Viruses are widespread and Microsoft just don't seem to care. Despite the fact that Windows 8 has Defender pre-installed, it's inevitable that it will get viruses eventually. Where Mac and Linux excel is in it's dealing with viruses. On Linux, viruses need root access to really do anything, whereas on Mac, Apple care and constantly push updates to try to avoid viruses.

  3. Lastly, Windows is a resource hog. If I look at my RAM usage when my PC is idle, on Windows 8, 1.30GB of RAM is already being used. On Ubuntu, that figure is only 380MB. That is a HUGE difference, in performance and in numbers. Windows is also a huge space taker, taking about 20GB to install the OS. This has shown to be the same with Windows RT, much to Surface owners anger.

So those are some of my reasons and the day has finally come. Windows no longer has a place on my PC and Ubuntu is the only OS installed. The end of my Windows journey has come. I'd love to say it's been a good one, but it really really hasn't.