What's In Your ..... Life?

I'm missing the Verge 'What's In Your Bag' segments. Though mostly Apple products the appeal was each person's personal take on each item and how it fits into their life. Here's the products that I use daily and please talk about the one's that carry the heavy load of your highly interconnected life.

MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2.3 Ghz quad core with 256Gb of storage:


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I was planning on getting a MacBook Air but when I upped the Air to 256 Gigs of storage and an i7 I was getting close to the price I would have to pay for this baby ($2000 with student discount) so I took the leap. It is without a doubt the greatest computer I have ever used. It is fast and the screen is beyond gorgeous and not to mention that I can play Modern Warfare on 2880 x 1800 with nary a screen tear (it does get hot as hell but at least you can't hear the fans). Because I purchased a first generation product it does have its issues. Speakers crackle sometimes and programs seem to need to be force closed here and there which is something that never happened on my old Macbook Pro. I would be pretty sure that the next one will be rock solid.

iPhone 5, Black, 16Gb:


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Great phone. It does show its wear a little bit around the chamfered edges but I like to think of it like the aged beauty that graces an old telecaster. The thing works flawlessly, LTE is insanely fast as is the phone itself. Screen is gorgeous etc. People ask me all the time if it is really that much greater than the 4S and I have to say yes. It isn't that one part is far beyond the last model, it is that every part is better in some way and the aggregate of all of them makes for an insanely great package. Insanely great phone.

LG 42" LM 6200 with an Apple TV:


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For about a year I had a Samsung 32" UN32D4000 model in my living room and it was sub par to say the least. Not a big deal it wasn't too expensive so now it has found a new home in my office connected to an XBOX and in the living room that space has been filled with the LG shown above. I got it on sale for around $800 and it is a great TV in my opinion. Great by all the measures. Where the Samsung takes around 10 seconds to start up the LG does it in just a few with great picture quality and a solid 120Hz refresh rate. I have cable plugged into it but haven't even watched it because with the Apple TV I can stream whatever I want from my MacBook Pro, Netflix and the massive library that I already had was on the from the second I started it. Highly recommend Apple TV. I have even bought a few as gifts and the recipients were amazed at how much they liked it. It is the center of my living room.

Time Capsule 2Tb and Airport Express:

The Time Capsule sits on my desk next to my MacBook Pro with an ethernet cable running out to the xbox and a USB printer plugged into it. When working on my computer in silence I sometimes hear it start spinning up and copying away all of the changes I'd recently made. If not for the gentle hum I'd never know it was doing it (except for the small spinning icon in the menu bar). I just hope that the hard drive doesn't fail, rendering that feature a waste. It is an excellent router however. With my Mac, Apple TV and iPhone all taking in data along with my roommates iPhone and iPad the previous Airport Express would get overtaxed but the Time Capsule handles it all really well. Now the Airport express acts as a repeater in the living room (which was ridiculously easy to set up) with speakers plugged up to it so whenever we have friends over and they ask if the can play music from their phone I just show them how to airplay and they are always amazed by it.

Ipad 4th Gen:

I love the iPad Mini and like many who have written about it it is almost an irrational love. That said I went with logic and bought the iPad 4th gen (also they were out of Mini's). The iPad 4th gen is plenty fast, screen is gorgeous and the battery life is insane. Those are all the things you'd want from a tablet, right? Except one thing - it is still kind of heavy. I find my self constantly wanting to set it on a surface which is the weakness that has helped the Mini steal many people's hearts. Still yet I am too spoiled by retina displays and can't help but feel that I'd treat the Mini like a step child between using my iPhone and MacBook Pro Retina.


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Since I doubt many of us are tech journalists many of you will not a bag full of tools that you take with you everywhere but in the new age of multiple devices and ecosystems we all have numerous devices that fill each niche in our life from the phone that is with you always to the couch surfing tablet to a gaming PC so please talk about what tools you use in your highly interconnected life.