Decision on WP8 phone

i have been using a lumia 800 since a year, i stay in india. I love the design if the 800 and was considering buying the 920 or 8x. The 8x is just about in my budget and the 920 will release in the next week or 2. they are already airing the commercials for it on tv. World over it looks like the 920 is a little more expensive than the 8x(apart from AT&T). I wanted to ask you'l which phone is a better buy. i wouldnt mind buying the 8x hoewever the offline maps and nokia drive on nokia phones are very useful to me. would the 8x get such alternatives? and also does htc have any good exclusive apps? please share your opinions. and also do you'll feel wp8 is a significant step up from the wp7.5? thank you.