Apple user needs 'Gaming PC' advise

Hi all,

I've been a long term Apple user, and currently only use a PC at work.

While not having a huge amount of time to partake, I love gaming, so have been considering getting a gaming PC, but I have no real idea about what I'm looking for, or what I should be looking to avoid.

I wont be looking for a full on, top of the range, beast of a computer, but something that can run current games comfortably would be good. A unit with some 'upgradability' would be preferable as well, so I can try and keep on top of things, for a while.

I'm also not really keen on building my own device, which has been suggested to me.

As a mid-range, reasonbly priced device, do you all think THIS rig would be a good choice?

So far, I have had the following advice. Do these sound reasonable?:

  • Aim for quad-core only.
  • Anything over 8GB of RAM is a waste.
  • Make of graphics card doesn't hugely matter (ATi VS nVidia etc.)
  • A wifi dongle will do as well as an onboard wifi card
Thank you in advance for any advice you can all share.
Kind regards,