Do you think Google is making optimum usage of AOSP community?


Android is Open Source, which means anyone can read its source code and make modifications to it and implement it.

A lot of ingenious developers are doing that. In the process they are finding a lot of bugs and fixing those issues, sometimes with and sometimes despite the support from OEMs and Google itself.

But, of-late I feel Google is not using the feedback it is getting from the AOSP developers to much extent.

For example, Jellybean 4.2 has severe battery drain issue on all the Nexus devices and some AOSP mods like Franco and Cynogenmod have probably fixed them as they don't show that much of battery drain.

So, as an Open Source project Google should look at the code changes these guys have done and incorporate it in stock Android. But, have they been doing that optimally?

I know maintaining an Open Source project is a tough job as one need to go through all the changes and evaluate its implications but a software giant like Google can be expected of doing that, right?

I am not here to whine and complain. The Android team is doing a great job and I am generally very happy with it. Just want to know your thoughts.