My take on iOS 7: Upgrading the Springboard

I have some ideas that (in my opinion) would improve the next installment of iOS. These are not rigorous ideas like most people have, just small touches that Apple would probably actually make. I hope you like them :)

Reworked icons

I have reworked the following icons:

- Messages (blue to reflect the dominance of iMessage, same icon as the Mac app)
- Calendar
- Photos
- Camera
- Weather (more on that later)
- Notes
- Clock (same as iPad)
- Phone
- Safari
- Music

The rest of the icons had a slight retouch in terms of brightness and levels.

Dynamic icons

The Calendar icon has always been dynamic, so why not make the Weather and Clock icons dynamic as well? Perhaps even make the Photos icon dynamic, showing the last picture taken in the frame. Also an option: make the visualizer in the Music icon animate when music is playing. Dynamic icons would make the homescreen feel more alive. App Store apps still only can have static icons.


Give iOS the same Mountain Lion Dock treatment to keep things consistent.

Parallax Scrolling Wallpaper

Just like on Android, make the wallpaper move slightly when changing pages.

Notification Center

Show a badge with the amount of unread notifications in the top-right corner of the status bar, next to the battery icon. In Notification Center itself, get rid of the heavy linen texture. Make Notification groups collapsable by tapping the header.

App Switcher

Auxo, 'nuff said. Make it default.

I feel that these changes would make iOS feel like a fresh and modern mobile operating system once again. What do you think?