Breakout Device of the Holiday Season.

The holiday season is one of the most important season for technology sales across the board. It is when products are sold at the highest rate. Every Tech company around is vyikng for the title of the most popular product during the season. This year I have placed my winner in an unprecedented device, the Samsung Chromebook.

Now to be fair, this is my opinion and I only have had conversations with a few google employees as well as some Best Buy ones, but it seems that the Chromebook this year broke many expectations.

When the Chromebook was released I think many potential early adopters and consumers looked over the device. The Chromebook, as many of you know is an 11.6' Ultrabook running Chrome OS on a Exynos 5 ARM Processor.

Talking to two different Best Buy product managers, I have learned that within a day devices shipped to the store are sold out. They said the fact that because demand is already high, it is increasing. I see this myself within my college. This Christmas I saw at least 12 of my peers get Chromebooks. My class at school is only 250, and compared to the other present I saw announced the Chromebook was the most popular.

I do not know whether this trend within my school is present everywhere else, but judging on the sales of Best Buy, Play Store, and Amazon I would assume so. The short time between stock and sale of the Chromebook is evidence to this.

Now I am not saying that the Chromebook was not the most popular product of this holiday season, but what I am saying it was the breakout device. This device exceeded the expectations of many users and has certainly put Chromebooks in a positive light. Google and it's OEM's need utilize this growing market and release another kick ass Chromebook.

Now the Nexus 4 did very well as well as the Nexus 7, so I am also thinking it could be a tie between those. The Nexus 4 has met the same demand as the Samsung Chromebook and the Nexus 7 has had increasing demand over the entire year. Talking to Best Buy Managers, I do not think the iPad Mini met the expectations set by Apple. They have been selling, but they are keeping their stock for longer than the Chromebooks.