A New Years Resolution: Minimize dead pixels


Hello all. I hope you have had a wonderful New Year with friends and family. I just thought I'd throw out an off-topic message if anyone is keen on talking about New Years Resolutions. Well, I have one I thought I'd share:

So, life is short. We all know that but lately I thought about it in a way that really put our tiny lifespans into perspective. Look at the pixels on your screen. Count from the top about 15 lines or so. Say it's a High Definition screen. Would you say that there are many pixels in that tiny strip?

Well, on a 1080p screen that would be 1920 pixels per row, and at 15 rows you have just under 28,800 pixels. If you were to "mark off" one pixel each day it would take you almost 80 years to get to the beginning of the 16th row. By then, if you are still around, most of your life is behind you.

Here is a 365x80 image that represents approx a block of 80 years. The white dot in the center is today. That is where many of you are in this fleeting lifespan of life. Each pixel is precious. Each pixel is to be cherished. No pixel is too small to be thrown away. A day in your life is very important.


That is how short life is. 15 rows of your PC monitor can cover every single day of your life.

So the next time you are thinking about wasting a day on nothing... just remember the top 15 rows of your computer screen - we don't have too many pixels to throw away to begin with.

Enjoy life. Be safe and make the most of 2013.