A Look forward for 2013

AndroidPolice did a nice article probably the best predictions I have seen for Android, compared to the other tech blogs. They really got into more details about things. It is a good read for all you Android Fans out there.

I was really interested on their take on Unified Messaging....

Google currently ships 4 texting apps: Messaging, G+ Messenger, Google Talk, and Google Voice; and 2 video chat apps: Google Talk and G+ Hangouts. This is confusing, a waste of resources, and ridiculous. We've heard Google acknowledge this twice, once from G+ Hangouts Product Manager Nikhyl Singhal in June 2012, and again from Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product for Google+, in November of 2012. So this is happening, and it sounds like the Google+ guys are in charge of it. It's a social/communication thing that involves a friends list, so that would make sense.


Source: AndroidPolice

What do you all think?