Why I'm An Apple Fanboy

I really wanted a way to listen to music back in middle school. The best way to listen to an MP3 file back then was to get an iPod. It was stylish, simple, and easy to use with iTunes. My first Apple product was a 64GB iPod classic (white). I loved it and I never had to care about others saying how much of a fanboy I was. But what's wrong with being a fanboy? Why can't a like a certain company? I absolutely love Honda; they make brilliant cars, in my opinion. I love McDonald's cause they have delicious cookies, so what? I love Apple because they make products that I love to use.

Here are the main reasons that I love Apple's products:

  1. They look great. Yeah, yeah; I'm superficial because I want tech that looks great. Tech isn't just about its specs (how many times have you heard that from an Apple fanboy?), but it's about fitting the user. If I want aluminum rather than colorful plastic, what's the problem? Let me enjoy it. My choice in no way said "I think colorful plastic sucks", it just shows that I prefer a different material.
  2. App Store & iTunes. I've got TONS of downloads from those two stores. And I love the fact that if I download one app or purchase a few songs that it'll automatically be synced with my iPad and Mac. It makes my life easier. Sure, there are alternatives with Android and Windows Phone, but why have an alternative that requires extra steps when iOS does it without me even having to touch the screen?
  3. Yearly release cycles. I know that this one sounds weird, but hear me out. I love Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, blah blah blah, but Android devices are pushed out like crazy every few weeks or months, and Microsoft takes forever to update their crap. I like to be able to use my tech and not have to worry about it expiring in a few months, but also be able to look forward to changes not too far down the line.
  4. Support. Say what you will, Apple's customer service in retail stores is great. You might have had some bad experiences with them, and that's fine, it's not perfect, but overall I believe that they have the best retail experience in the world.

I'm not saying that I believe Apple is better than Samsung, Microsoft, Google, or any other company. I'm just showing the fact that I enjoy the products that they make over other company's products.