Nexus 7 vs. iPad 4: Not very clearcut...

Allright, I'm sure this has been hashed out a thousand times in the forum before, but I'm torn between the two tablets for various reasons.

1. First off, the iPad mini is out simply because I want retina graphics for reading. I know the Nexus only has 216ppi, but that's close enough to the iPad's 264 for me. I'd like the larger screen, but I can live with a 7" especially at 50% of the iPad's cost.

2. I own an iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro so I'm obviously entrenched in the Apple ecosystem.

3. My workplace uses Google Apps for business so I'll admit it would be nice to have a system that's designed from the ground up to lock into Google's infrastructure. At the same time I realize Google's amped up their game on iOS with their Google Drive & Gmail apps.

4. I really have no need for iOS syncing for much of anything. (Again, I mostly use Google's services for personal use & Adobe's Revel for photo syncing.)

5. I'm into ebooks and digital magazines such as TIME, NatGeo, & Businessweek. (Obviously the iPad's larger screen hold's the title to this.)

6. Most of my 3rd Party apps have feet in both camps. (Readability, USA Today, AP News) Most stuff I'd have to re-buy are games which I need to spend less time on anyway. I'll admit that I'm certainly going to miss Tweetbot and Rockmelt.

7. I have hesitations on the Nexus platform due to the lack of tablet apps for Android tablets. I'd consider the Nexus 10, but I'm scared that there are even less apps for that screen's resolution.

In essence I'm looking for something I can use for my job on the go with the capacity to to heavy reading for long periods of time and do it well. Thanks for the help guys.