Stakd: The Next Twitter?

So I recently stumbled upon what looks like a new social network website called Stakd. It seems as useless as Twitter once did in the sense that other hugely popular social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, can provide the same functionality (and then some).

I guess Stakd is a social platform for posing simple questions to your friends/followers to get quick and relevant responses. And that's it. It seemed pointless at first since Facebook can provide the same functionality, and websites like Yahoo! Answers and Wikianswers have been around for years.

But I think the problem with Facebook providing Stakd's experience is that Facebook statuses aren't necessarily focused on simple Q&As, and Yahoo! Answers and Wikianswers are...cluttered.

Stakd comes of as clean and straightforward. It looks like people are using it to gather opinions/suggestions rather than facts, e.g. what's the best hot dog joint in NYC?

What do you guys think about it? I only compare it to Twitter because it appears to be a kind of microblogging social network service that is useless but might surprise us in how much people want to use it once they start.