What Does RIM expect with BB10 and how will it compare to Android?

RIM is approaching of it's refreshed Blackberry line with BB10, with it falling to fourth place, what is RIM actually expecting to happen with BB10. In an interview on "On The Verge", CEO Thorsten Heins claimed that in a few years, consumers will not even remember the "brief" fall in demand. Does RIM actually believe that this will happen, or are they just trying to look confident with their next release.

Looking at the new Blackberry phones, embedded below:

via cdn.pocket-lint.com

They look pretty sleek and actually quite nice, their plain aesthetic brings the attention to content. the previews seen of BB10 look pretty good, not as good as Android 4.1 and 4.2, but better than iOS. They may actually have a good set of phones and a nice operating system on their hands.

I do not think they can get over the negative publicity they have been having for years though. I think RIM is overconfident in their ventures. In the next few years we won't remember the brief time BB demand was down, we will remember the time BB was too confident in their failing popularity.

What do you guys think? Does RIM stand a chance? How will it compare to the Android system?