Why the iPad needs to be a remote control for the Apple TV

The iPad is built to be the second device to many people. It is supposed to be the coffee table device, the kitchen recipe device, the sleeptight reading device. The iPad is the at home device for everyone. As Apple expands its influence across the whole technology industry they have made many changes to the way that people interact with the world.

The iPhone pushed people to use applications, the web, and data everywhere they go. The Macbook pushed people to expect simplicity and premium hardware to be combined. The iPad pushed users to have "the second screen". The iPad Mini convinced consumers that the second screen can go everywhere.

With the Apple TV, a device that has been around for quite a while, Apple was innovating in a marketplace years before it's current growth. With the rumors of a new Apple TV set to be released this year or the next, I think it is time to make the second screen more useful.

All televisions need a remote, voice control to date is not effective enough to actually be able to use in the day to day controls of the television. With the new Apple TV, they need to make the remote control your Macbook, your iPad, and your iPhone. Obviously, it would be a horrible business practice, to limit the only control to one of those devices, but I think the second screen is the perfect opportunity to change the way a user interacts with the Television.

Now there is Airplay to the Apple TV, while it can be good for somethings it is not what I am talking about, I am talking about an application that controls the actual interface on the Apple TV. Making an iPad the remote to an Apple TV would further the idea of the iPad as your couch device, your "go-to" device. I think a move like this would round out Apples eventual control of all the screens

In order to make sure users buy one of these other devices, they could make a bundle with the Apple TV and an iPad Mini. This would allow the user to own both devices, expanding their influence within the marketplace.