iCloud Spam

Has anyone else been affected by the high amounts of spam hitting iCloud accounts in recent weeks? I'm getting sick of it. For those who aren't aware, many iCloud accounts are getting hit with 5-10 spam emails a day, all from the same address within 5 minutes. The messages are addressed to "undisclosed[randomnumbers]@icloud.com". Every day the domain the messages are sent from changes, but the whois for all of them points to some Whyoming business called "Game Content Distribution Network, LLC".

I've even received these spam emails at an alias that hasn't been used anywhere, so something is definitely not right here. There's a long thread over at MacRumors detailing the issue a bit more, as well as several on Apple's support community [1, 2, 3, more if you search].

Who else has seen this happening with their accounts?


via i.imgur.com