Brainstorming MSFT home services / LOB

{Ideas for Microsoft usage only.}

With MSFT (Xbox) good position as the centre of home technology, I wonder what type of services MSFT can provide, which users will pay money to subscribe. As per most company, they need a business model. I propose the following for their consideration.

  1. Grocery checking and top up service (Xbox check grocery, stationery or other expandable resource level) --- partner Amazon.
  2. Remote Home security service
  3. Ads supported Internet Radio / Xbox music service, for piping to/fill the related room with sound content, for the user enjoyment and bookmarking by saying -- xbox 'track this'.
  4. Advance data/resource management & presentation (by mature bob or xbob). Backup essential to Skydrive, present bill and calculate tax ...
  5. Ads supported Energy / resource cost saving system, with respect to changing weather ...etc.
  6. 2d / 3d model, with customized sound and smell, printing and delivery service.
  7. remote Aroma adjustment and delivery service
  8. Partner with iRobot to deliver customizable automated home cleaning service.
  9. ads supported Clothing selection service. Example you can ask xbox what to wear and equipment to bring along for todays outing ... etc.

I understand the mentioned are not new. Nevertheless I think MSFT might be in a good position to deliver.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to vent out my thoughts.

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