VEER 2013: The final unboxing of the HP Veer

I know this seems a bit spammy, but hear me out. During a podcast with a few friends, I started looking up the HP Veer which, despite bad reviews, always looked awesome to me as a webOS fanboy. And by awesome I mean the design, not the size. So I bought one for $105 exactly and it's hopefully coming this week. So how would a normal person respond to getting a poorly-received phone? By livestreaming the unboxing of course! So as soon as it arrives, I'll be unboxing it, and I'll post the video here.

And I'm making up a lot of facts too, such as calling it the first live unboxing (as far as I can see online) and the last unboxing video ever, because why would anyone want to watch/make that? But yolo. So as soon as it arrives, you'll see it live on YouTube or recorded here.

Teaser trailer is above. I declare this year, VEER 2013.