Rumored Windows Phone for 2013 !

As Windows Phones fans we are are always hoping for head turning devices.

For 2012

  • Nokia did a solid job on the reiteration of the 900. Most are satisfied with the 920 but many held out.
  • HTC was on point, their devices were original and unique. A few dsign cues from Nokia but still a stand alone design with premium feel. (getting it for mom, shes still rocking her HD7)
  • Samsung, well lets just say they were lazy. As Engadget gently put it. Its a repackaged SG3 ! Still an attractive device but not the kind of love WP8 deserved. Not follwoing the design cues of METRO (i still call it that)
  • Fujitsu Toshiba IS12t...Well it was very Japanese in its design and did not make it worldwide.
In My opinion there is no Windows phone device released last year that possesed high desirebility and considered a true Premium Super Phone device. (IMO)
For 2013
OEM must step up with out a doubt. Have still been holding out for the WP8 upgrade. I am looking forward to MWC 2013.
Will 2013 be the true year of revelation for WP8 Super phones. ! As windows phone 8 consumers we have been loyal enough. Its time to deliver. Well it seems a positive response might be on the way. Either that or Microsoft ought to teach OEM's how it needs to be done.
As it stands...Only based on rumors
Surface Phone 8

Nokia 922 (keeps our hope alive)

Well they are going by way of SG4 No known rumor
Titan 3 is rumored LG confirmed to Korean news agency that they will develop a WP8 this year. Hope they put their heart in it.
No Know rumor likely going by way of Android.
Sony Xperia W repackaged Xperia Z (Wishful thinking)

Just for starters....Im sure there are other OEM out ther planning on joining thi WP8 party.
Have you heard of any interesting news coming by way of MWC 2013...