Frequency of Reviews?

I was wondering if The Verge has plans to increase the threshold of reviews it puts out. I like The Verge reviews and realize that they must take some time to put together; however, I notice that The Verge really only covers the absolute most popular and anticipated products - or those that a staffer seems to have intrinsic interest in (I thought the choice to review the Nexus 7 with Mobile Data separately was a bit odd, for instance, but assume David simply took great interest in the product.) This isn't a bad idea, but one of the things I really enjoy about stumbling onto reviews is the stuff I haven't heard about. The Windows all-in-one review was great for that, as well as the stylus reviews you did. Are there any plans to expand the reviews and cover some more obscure products or less anticipated ones? Or even ones, like the Kobo readers. whereby you've covered previous iterations but seem to be skipping some others?