The Verge and the Aaron Swartz Martyrdom Parade

I'm afraid I have to rain on this parade as I was curious to find the number of articles that The Verge published about Mr. Swartz prior to his death. Correct me if my search skills are deficient but I was unable to find any articles in the past year, and that's rather odd considering the man is now being likened to Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, and Steve Jobs.

While I don't discount the early life technical accomplishments of Swartz, he had became an acolyte of Richard Stallman and his fanatical jihad against copyright. He encouraged "civil disobedience" with Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto and practiced what he preached. That's good that he practiced what he preached but he certainly he had to know would be consequences from the corporate/government powers that he was railing against.

Assuming we believe the martyrdom narrative of a brilliant Internet political activist being over-zealously prosecuted by the United States Government, where was the non-stop hue and cue from The Verge before his death? Perhaps it was because he hadn't actually been convicted or sentenced to decades in prison for what most would agree was a petty crime, and nor was it a likely scenario. Yet after his death, the fallacy of false cause was immediately put into play, as in the specter of decades in prison drove him to suicide, and so must now change these oppressive copyright laws.