AirWork for iPad. Connected Cinema Display. (Concept)

This post is kind of a response to"The end of PC dominance. What it means for iOS." and what I think will happen to Apple.*

The iPad is becoming a more powerful, useful device every year. A lot of complaints are made about "just spec bumps" and lack of innovation, but at this rate we will have a very, very powerful iPad, very soon. With more legacy desktop software being reborn for tablet experiences.

As we drift away from a PC dominated world, screens are getting smaller. Tablets, phones - they're all relatively small ... and although they will be good for some tasks on their 10" screens, some will need more space to play with. This is where Airwork comes in.

  • It is really just an extension of Airplay, with some new features thrown in such as
  • Connectivity in the cinema display
  • Completely wireless charging from the display to iOS devices (through magnetic charging, as seen in Apples patent)
  • Obviously a huge spec bump to allow for apps like Photoshop to be viable



This isn't a polished or well thought out concept (I should be doing Uni work haha!) and I by no means am claiming this to feasable or saying it will happen, it's just an idea - so please don't kill me if you don't like it haha.

Thanks for reading folks!