Camera app for Android/ICS?

I have a Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch on Sprint) and the camera app is okay but not great by any stretch of the imagination. It's slow, the settings menus are cumbersome, and it makes really loud (and non-mutable, unlike other GSII variants) beeps and boops when you focus or capture.

I don't need anything fancy, but I wonder if anybody might have suggestions. What I'm looking for is this:

Basic settings: Tap to focus, timer, different resolutions, flash on/off/auto

Other settings: white balance and exposure would be great but are not required

Sounds: Must be able to disable ALL sounds. I hate my phone making any sounds that are not notifications. I even play all my games muted. Yes, I am weird.

Sharing & effects: Not important. I can handle both functions in other apps when necessary.

Price: I'm a Cheap Bastard(TM). Free is almost a requirement. I will consider paying for an app but only if it magically makes me able to take photos worthy of a National Geographic cover. :-)

Camera360 is the best option I've found so far, but I figure there must be a million good camera apps out there....