Nexus 7: Still worth it?

Hey everyone,

For the past year or so, I've been using a rooted Kindle Fire (currently running Cyanogen Mod 10.1) to serve my tablet needs. My experience with custom ROMs can be summed up by easily: it's painful. Things are slow, buggy, and I need to update constantly.

I'm in need of a new android tablet, and everything still seems to point to the Nexus 7 as being the best experience out there (that is unless I've missed some fantastic product).

My question for anybody reading this: is the Nexus 7 still worth the purchase? It's by no means a new device anymore, and I'm worried that it'll be outmoded almost as soon as I buy it. Is there anything available that's better spec'ed but similarly priced?

Thanks :)


P.S.: Amazon tablets are out of the question, since there is no content at all where I live (Canada). I bought the Kindle Fire simply because it was A. rootable, and B. cheap.