What's the point of Google's Nexus program?

I'm not a android fan but I gotta say that the Nexus 4 does look nice. I have a iPhone 4S so the glass back doesn't bother me. After I heard about the price of it I figured I might give android a try again. I had a g1 phone and the experience was terrible. But with the $299 price point no contract for the nexus 4 I figured why not give it a try again. But since its launch its been a completemdisaster especially for google. They want to be part of the retail business then they have a lot to learn. I can't even reserve a nexus 4 because its been sold out for the last 2 months. But the more I think about, almost every nexus launch was a complete mess. The nexus one with there terrible customer support and the broken promise of them coming to Verizon, nexus s went ok but even that device had problems with getting timely updates, galaxy nexus with the botched launch with Verizon that lasted a month, the nexus 7 launch with their disaster preorder system and non shipping conformation, Nexus Q...lol, and now we have the NEXUS 4. This has got to be googles worst launch to date. In my opinion the nexus program is a plagued disaster and google should rethink there strategy. They have motorola now and my hearing rumors about the google x phone but I'm not to sure if that's gonna help. Not because Motorola makes bad hardware but its because I don't think carriers will get in board and we all see how google make business deals with carriers.

What do y'all think. Is the nexus program a mess or is it right for google.