Verge Daily Email

I really like The Verge website and try to keep up with it as much as I can. I also have the app and listen to all the pod-casts but some days I am to busy or forget when I get home to check the website/app. I know The Verge has the 90 seconds video etc but sometimes that just scans over things (and rightly so).

In the possibly email (which would be optional if you wanted it. Maybe a possible check box in your account settings you can turn on and off when you choose) it could have the best headlines of the day, most popular stories and then posts from the forums that The Verge might think you would like.

Finally at the bottom it could have something about your account e.g. if people have replied to any of your forum posts or comments on stories.

I know we all have over populated inboxes and it would be another pesky email to some, but for me I would find this extremely useful as the last thing I do at night is check my emails and would then probably never miss anything from The Verge again.

I dont know if anyone else would find this useful but just thought I would put my opinion/thought out there and see what others have to say!