Anyone else really impressed/surprised by the growth of the Windows 8 app store?

I have windows phone 8 and am really depressed by the growth of the phone platform. I usually jump on the new OS bandwagon just to try it out. IOS when it first came out, Android when it first came out, WebOS as well and then windows phone. I am even tempted to give the new BlackBerry 10. Of all the platforms I have tried out while being brand new, windows 8's app store seems to be growing the fastest. There are already insanely great high quality games, some really cool news readers and tools, and a ton of well known name brand apps. I am using the w510 as a tablet full time, (don't have the keyboard dock yet) and have been really enjoying the plethora of high quality apps. Anyone else using tablets, tablet hybrids, or even windows 8 all in ones enjoying the speed and quality growth of this app store?