Sony Vaio Duo vs Asus Taichi 21

I need to replace my MacBook Pro before it breaks down for good. I am pretty much set on a Windows 8 device. I'm a die hard Apple fanboy who is tired of waiting for the ModBook so I'm going Windows 8 and getting a laptop that will serve my needs from a tablet - an e reader, on the go email and calendar, entertainment - and my needs from a laptop video, photo, and audio editing as I manage a band outside my day job. My Windows 8 device will also have the pen and touch screen I always wanted on my Mac but never got.

For a while, I was set on a Sony Vaio Duo. The Asus Taichi 21 has similar specs though, and also comes with a digitizer pen. Both have been out for a while. What did you get and what do you recommend?