Verge: Just a Little Blackberry Love Please

I noticed in the last few months that Blackberry got bumped from the "SECTIONS" on the front page and was relegated to the drop-down menu "See All" or in other words "Other Sections".

I did a quick comparison of the comments in the first 5 articles of all the sections on both the main page and under the "See All" drop down and albeit the method is far from scientific I think it is indicative of the activity of the Verge users and thus Blackberry deserves to be placed back on the main page and also deserves a proper Blackberry logo just like Apple, Android and Microsoft have.


I also realized that BB has been in the news and thus the recent activity could be viewed as a spike or an anomaly to the norm, but with that said, I am certain that on average Blackberry has more activity that "Policy / Law" or "Web" or "Gaming" which are all on the Main page.

Please Verge, show some love for the BB if not for the warmth in your heart, at least do it based on the cold hard numbers.