White Touch Cover for Surface...does it get dirty?

Hi all (though this is mostly geared to current Surface owners)!

I plan on buying the Surface Pro when it comes out in the next few weeks, but what really is the tough decision is deciding which Touch Cover to get! I have a white Lumia 920, so I'd like to get the white Touch Cover so that it matches my phone. However, I'm worried that it'll get dirty or change color over time. If I don't get the white one, I'll probably get the cyan Touch Cover because it looks a nice color.

Has anyone purchased a white Touch Cover, and if so, have you experienced any discoloration since you got it? To go along with this, has anyone experienced their Touch Covers (the other colors) getting dirty over time? (I'm sure that normal usage will do some damage to the Cover, but I didn't know if any of the colors specifically are more prone to color change over time.) Please include how you use your Surface and how you carry it places (in a backpack, in a Surface case, in your hand, etc). Include a picture if possible! Thanks!!