Ugh, I'm sorry I have to do this, but Bing maps aren't good at all.

So I was out a few hours ago, with my Lumia 920. I looked at Bing maps for the location of a Walmart a few towns from my house, since I wanted to go to a different location because the Walmart in my town that I'm familiar with does not have stock on an item I wanted to buy, and I was already in the area any way. And also, I use Bing maps because Nokia maps haven't been reliable for me either (because I searched often for local businesses and got nothing). It's understandable that Nokia is European and don't have POIs on all North American areas down. Nevertheless, Bing is North American based, so I expect that it would work well enough in North America. Anyways, I go to the address for Walmart, and I'm surprised, because I know the area (but didn't know the address because I didn't know the side-street name that it was on). Why am I surprised? Because it was not a Walmart at all, it was a Sam's Club, and WAS means that it is currently closed and being rebuilt (I just checked the local newspaper, supposed to be opening soon but whatever).

First off, Sam's Club isn't Walmart, there's a huge difference there, and the fact that Bing confused the two really makes me reluctant to use it. Sam's Club requires membership like BJ's and Costco does, whereas Walmart of course can be frequented by anyone. And second, the location is being rebuilt and is currently closed.

Google correctly identifies the location as closed, and it correctly identifies it as a Sam's Club and not a Walmart. I reported to Bing that the location is closed and it's not a Walmart, let's see if they fix the listing soon.

Nevertheless, I can't rely on Bing now. What I'm forced to do now is check websites to find the right locations, which is a pain to say the least because Bing is pretty convenient and fast in Windows Phone. I can imagine the absence of Google Maps being single handedly a reason not to get Windows Phone. Yes I know, Google should make Google Apps available on Windows Phone, and they're being petty by withholding their apps. Nonetheless, I am reluctant about Bing as a replacement for Google Maps. Maybe it'll get there someday, I don't know.