Going back to Skyrim

So tonight I did something I haven't done in over a year, I ventured back into Skyrim. As I fired up my Xbox and came to the age old argument with yourself of what game to play, I stumbled upon my dusted up copy of Skyrim. Now just as a side note I had not played in over a year, due to getting stuck and frankly not being very good at the game, but for some reason when I put my hand on that old case something happened, something awakened inside of me. Almost as if my gaming spirits had been lifted and I actually felt like playing a game. (Which I haven't done in a little over a week) So I took the game out, brushed it off and put it in my disk tray. After a quick update, I was back...... back to being the bad ass that we all want to be, back to slaying dragons and just enjoying the scenery. It wasn't long after that I came to an undiscovered cave, and ventured into it. I got that rush of, I don't know why I'm going into this cave but I'm going too. I proceeded to walk in and then, of course, was greeted with a loading screen, but I then made it passed that and was now inside the cave. After a few enemies heads were chopped off, I made it to the near end the cave. And to my amazement I saw a chest, now it wasn't just those small chests that have maybe 20 gold inside, no it was one of the bigger chests you can find, and it wasn't locked! I started to get excited as does everyone who encounters a huge chest (am I right?) So I opened it, and what was the first item, well I didn't exactly know, but I knew exactly what it looked like, Tritium. (any of you Spiderman 2 fans will know what I'm talking about) and I'm not kidding either it looked exactly like it, minus the color. I got that feeling of surprise and wonder, and frankly curiousness, and I thought to myself, "This is why I love video games, the endless mystery and the amazing surprises." It was almost like I had been revived, I wanted to play video games again!

I'm sure all of us go through this at least once in our gaming "careers" we go through a drought, not just of no new games, but of just not wanting to play games in general. So this is my question to you, have you had one of these experiences? Have you not? but most of all what does gaming mean to you guys? Sound off in the comments!