Rumors of new Nexus phone already?! Should I get Nexus 4 or wait?

Salutations fellow Verge members!

I am currently faced with a very hard decision... I am stumped on whether to get the Nexus 4 once its restocked OR if I should wait and see if the rumors hold true of a new Nexus device. I am currently using a rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 running CyanogenMod 10 and I honestly can't wait to make the jump to a Nexus device. I have been a pretty big Android fan ever since the G1 came out on TMobile and jumped ships onto Samsungs dazzling yet cheap hardware of their Galaxy devices. From the rumors that I have been hearing, possible Nexus devices are to be expected from either Motorola or another new Nexus by LG. Personally it would be very exciting to see what awesome hardware Motorola will come out with next since they're known for their good hardware and with Googles software combined it could possibly be an amazing and my next phone. Any suggestions?