Be a tech journalist! My croudsourced tech site idea. Thoughts?

So I'm running with this idea called Ideapress Collective. At first, this may sound complicated, so I'll do my best to articulate it as clearly as possible. Users submit articles, and the community will help proof and refine the article if needed. The article can be nominated for the front page of the news site. In a way, it's kind of like Reddit, but specifically tailored for individuals who want to get into tech journalism but don't know how or where to begin. Nothing is "downvoted." It's just removed after a week or so.


Designers also have a chance to contribute. When an article receives enough nominations, it is proofed once more by staff, and moved to a portion of the site that deals with design. Users submit original designs to accompany the article, and the top ones are voted for and attached to the article, and both the article and design are automatically posted.

So simplified, the process is: Article submitted > Article approved (Popular vote and moderated approval) > Design submitted > Design approved > Article appears on front page

Let me know your thoughts. Is it a good idea? I want to create a news site where anyone has an opportunity to contribute. Feel free to ask questions.