multi-window tablet interface

We are knee deep in a transition to touch screen interfaces and - for lack of a better word - Post PC + devices. "Real Work" however, still lies within the mouse and keyboard universe. If Tim Cook is doing 90% of his work from an iPad - it's must be all email.

Tablets interfaces just aren't efficient for getting things done. The problem is more serious than lack of "Pro" apps. The basic task of taking notes is near impossible in iOS. My typical "workflow" is a desktop with two apps going - maybe side by side. The Metro interface is a step in the right direction but still feels limiting. I want to be able to quickly go full screen in an app, or pin it beside another one. Horizontally, vertically. Have even more than two apps going on a screen. Most importantly, quick dragging and dropping of files from one app to another.

To properly convey my ideal interface, I threw together a crude animation. I have ideas for this as a cross platform web-browser, where you can load up to four windows and easily throw files between them. In a perfect world, this would be implemented OS level. It could work in Metro, BB10, Mac OS X 11, iOS 7 etc.

The concept is pretty bare-bones and straightforward. Changing window proportions would become vastly easier than in any interface used today. Each window would have an "open" and "close" button. "Open" brings up an app drawer, while "close" leaves the window blank. If this interface were to exist cross-platform as a web-browser, the "open" button would bring up a bookmarks folder instead.

iOS 7 / Windows 9 interface concept. (via originalspinvideos)

Hope you liked the little video. I'm looking to see how iOS and Metro progress over the next few years!