My Surface RT mystery

Last Sunday I went to John Lewis and paid cash for a Surface RT and touch cover, collected it and took it back 6 miles to my home.

Opened it up and noticed how the device was covered in finger prints, the manuals seemed dirty and creased - and there was a great big dead fly on the back of the tablet.

I called the store and was offered an immediate replacement, in addition to "compensation for my inconvenience". It then took an hour in the store for them to provide me with a replacement, I was sent to three different kiosks and told three different things, finally I received the replacement but was told they wouldn't be able to authorise any gesture of good will because it was "a Sunday".

I then took that device home and set everything up, it was actually new and I was impressed. However, the next day I passed it to a colleague at work and she mentioned how the kick stand didn't feel flush, and was uncomfortable when retracted. I thought that was odd - I held the device and looked at it from various angles - the kickstand was slightly bent and raised at each end.

So again, I decided to seek advice from the store, after work I took another 6 mile trip and looked at the device on display, the kickstand was flush, and unnoticeable to the hand when retracted. A member of staff offered to replace the device and off I went.

I then spent two days thinking if I actually wanted the device, but I opened the third replacement today and yet another manufacturing defect seems to be present - the touch cover isn't being recognised about 50% of the time.

John Lewis have said that when a return is made the devices go back into the store's inventory, and customers have 28 days for a no question return - and it wont be until the 28th until they can send me a brand new device to the store directly from their central distribution center.